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Van Conversions in Gloucester

Van conversions by Van Glaze

At Van Glaze, we provide a huge range of van conversions for all side and rear panel windows. For custom vans (or if you’re looking for something special with your van conversion) you have the choice of clear, privacy or tinted glass. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality camper van conversion or have any questions regarding camper conversions, get in touch with one of our glazing professionals on 01452 423725. Please visit our website to view our portfolio on van conversions in Gloucester.

Van conversions in Gloucester

Our experts can convert most side and rear panels and all our work is fully guaranteed. We’re a trusted window replacement company who have been operating in Gloucester and the South West since 1999 and arguably offer the best van conversions in Gloucester! We ensure all your van conversions are done safely, correctly and to the highest possible standard. Bring your van to our dedicated depot and we can convert your van while you wait!

Van conversion experts

Being experts in van conversions and professional vehicle glazing doesn’t happen overnight. With over 25 years of industry experience, our team of glazing experts will be able to fit your van conversion. As our Van Glaze services expanded, we decided to create a separate sister company specific for custom vans and all van conversion windows. Independent since 2010, our small team of van conversion experts are dedicated in providing a clean, professional finish on all vehicles they work on.

We fit nearly all bonded types of glass and rubber fitted units, even for custom vans. Our service is second to none, and we provide a unique on-site fitting service for certain van conversions in Gloucester. To convert your van, we use the very best marketing leading bonding system – BETASEAL Enhance Pro. The bonding system is available for all van conversions and is designed for a rapid grab and hold within 60 minutes – perfect for camper conversions.

T5 conversions

At Van Glaze, our expert glazing fitters have worked with thousands of different vehicles throughout our time in the industry. From Citroen to Ford. Nissan to Hyundai. Our experts have completed van conversions on all market leading manufacturer vehicles. Visit our van conversion website page to see all the manufacturers makes and models we complete van conversions on.

Installing new windows on any vehicle isn’t simple. Whether it’s a camper van conversion or modifications to customer camper vans – it’s always best to go with the experts otherwise you could end up paying out more further down the line. Below is a basic outline of the van conversion process we go through using a T5 conversion as an example.

Volkswagon are one of our most popular vehicles to perform van conversions on. The T5 conversion is particularly popular as it makes for a great weekend getaway vehicle. We have more than 25 years of experience fitting all bonded types of glass and rubber fitted units across a huge range of custom vans. With our competitive rates and unique approach to fitting on site and at our depot, we’re one of the leading providers of van conversions in Gloucester.

Initial planning of the van conversion requires measurements of the area where the window is to be fitted. These measurements need to consider the type of windows that will be fitted for your van conversion or camper van conversion, and include rubber mounted and bonded. Once measured, we cut the hole and fit the window and seal – but of course it’s a little more complicated than that! For more information on our window fitting service for van conversions and T5 conversions, give us a call on 01452423725 and speak to one of our glazing experts.

Quality van conversions in the UK

If you’re looking for quality van conversions in the UK then you’re in the right place. At Van Glaze, we provide a special service that goes above and beyond what you’d normally find in the van conversion industry. We offer both an on-site AND depot service, allowing you to decide on where you get your new van conversion windows installed, and at the most convenient time. Our onsite fitting service is available for an additional cost based on your location, weather conditions and overhead cover. No one wants to carry out camper conversions in the rain!

Our diverse product and service offering also allows for us to offer additional light and ventilation on specific van conversions. And at the depot we can also provide windscreen repairs, Flamma Roof Vents and Rotary Vents. For a free quote and more information on why we’re the right choice for van conversions in Gloucester, give us a call on 01452423725.


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